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This wiki serves to document characters, events, and locations shown in videos from the Zack Bone Productions channel on YouTube (link), as well as select older content from carykh, fernozzle,, and jacknjellify.

Two brilliant minds (Michael and Cary Huang) took what they had and made hours of content that has never before been shown until now. They will be uploading old videos from a camcorder their parents used to film them with when they were little kids, and will be reviewing over 250 games they have made using Stagecast! Videos are uploaded daily, so go check out the adventure over at Zack Bone Productions.

For a list of what we need to get done, see this blog.

Exploring the Stagecast Sims

Michael and Cary view really old sims, with their friends Sam, Andrew, and Yifan.


Camcorder Tapes

The camcorder was used by Michael and Cary to make various videos, which are mostly stop motion. stop motion in them.


Latest activity

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